Email Marketing


Newsletters are extremely effective marketing tools!

Here are the following 7 most important benefits of a company newsletter:

  • It keeps you connected with your new clients and your current clients. 
  • You have the opportunity to establish your credibility and have open communication with your clients.
  • You can share your expertise and insight that can help each client.
  • You keep clients up to date with new developments in your company.
  • It's a great way to express your appreciation to all clients.
  • Newsletters provide value to your customer when you offer great content by sharing new products, services and promotional offers.
  • It's also a creative way to have fun with your clients!

Remember people choose to buy and use your services, because they like you, they trust you, you help them and they are fans of your business!

Keep your brand in front of your customers with however many newsletters you want per month.

Digital Native's customer service team will provide the following:

  • Email newsletter account creation unless you already have one
  • Create 1 weekly company newsletter to distribute to your subscribers
  • You provide all images of your choice.
  • Your mobile and desktop newsletter will be tailored to your brand.
  • All newsletter content will be provided by you.
  • Each week the completed newsletter will be emailed to you for your review.