Amazon Marketing & Strategy

As the owner of roughly 50% of all eCommerce activity, Amazon simply cannot be ignored - and as the fastest growing marketing channel in the world, quickly gaining ground against the incumbent digital advertising leaders Google & Facebook, Amazon can be both a massively important channel for your business, and a confusing landscape to manage.

Given that it is a Marketplace, Fulfillment channel and Advertising platform, among other things, how should you approach Amazon?

  • Should we focus on sales via my website or Amazon?
  • How should we allocate my budget across advertising channels?
  • How do we asses the value of an Amazon customer?

We can help answer these questions and define your marketing strategy, which may differ depending on your brand's stage and channel mix.

We specialize in growing a sustainable business and brand, not the latest hack of the day. Let's discuss how we can do this for your business: