Yahoo Sells to Verizon, now called Altaba

Though the deal is not finalized, if/when approved, SEC filings show that Yahoo will be selling its core business to Verizon, who also acquired AOL last year, and rename that internet ads portion of the business Altaba. This combination makes Verizon a formidable competitor in the internet advertiser space.

Perhaps we’ll see AOL and Yahoo traffic removed from Google and Bing in the near future and spun off into a viable third-party search competitor (account managers everywhere are crying after having already gone through the Bing-Yahoo merger a few years ago, then separation, and now possibly another change?).

However, Verizon’s main focus will likely be invigorating video advertising and furthering their transition as an analog company to a digital one.

The deal would include Marissa Mayer stepping down as CEO.

Never a dull moment in the world of digital advertising!

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