“Couch Friday” – in 2016, Stores Continue to Lose Ground to Online Shopping

The trend is inevitable and shouldn’t surprise anyone: more and more shopping is taking place online each year.

Numbers indicate that in-store shopping was down another few percentage points on Black Friday this year, and specialty retailers (the kind you tend to see in malls) lost out to an ever larger extent – some have dubbed it “Couch Friday” as a result, due to the rising numbers of online shopping.

Of course the trend will continue. As the preference for online shopping continues to increase, retailers will continue to offer more online promotions that begin around the week of Thanksgiving, driving more consumers online and further accelerating the pace of the move to online shopping.

I know I’d certainly rather shop from my couch than stand in line in front of your average retail store.

Our clients saw massive increases in volume on Black Friday and through the weekend, and the difference between these days and Cyber Monday is starting to blur – though of course Cyber Monday was huge as well.

It is certainly a great time to be in eCommerce.

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