Adwords Unveils Click-to-Message Extensions

This is definitely the most interesting extension to come along in a while. Google recently rolled out Message Extensions which will allow searchers to begin an asynchronous text message conversation with someone in your company.

Simply select a number to send and receive the text messages, input some basic information, and choose which campaigns to apply the extension. You can also set a default message to make breaking the ice a littler easier.

Here is what the setup interface looks like:


It’s hard to ignore the timing as Facebook has recently been buffing their Messenger offering with payments, and more and more companies are using it as a customer service channel in general. The Facebook-Google rivalry continues to heat up.

This extension will likely not be applicable or useful for every business, particularly those who do not have the bandwidth to monitor and regularly respond to yet another medium of customer communication.

But in an increasingly mobile world, this could be very effective functionality and it will be interesting to see how it evolves.

Hope you have an unlimited data plan!

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