Google announces Mobile-first search index

As if we needed more evidence that we’re in a mobile-first world, and that Google is massively pivoting in this direction, Google recently announced that their search index is being split by device.

For non-search nerds, that is a huge deal, a monumental shift.

Google has slowly adopted indicators such as mobile optimization and load times as ranking signals in the mobile search results, but this change means there will be entirely different results for desktop and mobile searches.

This infrastructure shift will also allow continued divergence of desktop and mobile searches over time.

This is huge. We now have two indexes in which to monitor rankings and search traffic, and with the volume of mobile search queries having surpassed desktop more than a year ago, the new mobile index is by default the more important one!

The digital world has always been a fast-changing one, but it certainly seems like the pace continues to increase.

It will be interesting to see if there are any implications in Adwords down the road.

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