Why do Online Purchasers Switch Devices?

Bizrate Insights created an interesting infographic based on surveys asking online purchasers why they switched devices to make the purchase. While not too surprising, we still find it interesting to look at the numbers.

Key takeaways:

  • As intuition and your own experience might suggest, more mobile users switch to desktop to make a purchase than the opposite
  • Even those who ended up purchasing on mobile, around 50% of them researching on their desktop prior to that purchase (though, this skews more towards men than women)
  • By far the more common reason that purchasers used their mobile device was access; either it was the closest or only device
  • Reasons for using a desktop were much more varied, but centered around being easier or faster to actually make the purchase



We are in an unfortunate limbo in which more and more online research and activity is taking place on mobile devices, and yet our cross-device conversion tracking is in testing and infancy stage. But more and more information and tools are being developed every day in order to bridge this gap.

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