Age of Mobile Officially Here – Tipping Point Reached

We’ve heard for years that the age of mobile is coming – well, it is officially here. Most of us knew that already of course, but site retargeting vendor Criteo released an interesting report that points out some clear trends:

  • The Mobile ‘tipping point’ has definitely been reached; for the first time, the leading 25% of mobile retailers saw 50% of their sales from mobile.
  • Sites with better mobile experience take disproportionate share of mobile transactions
  • Apps drive more loyalty than mobile sites
  • iOS still commands a disproportionate share of online transactions, despite Android owning double the market share, though the gap closed slightly this year (but only slightly)

Interesting times ahead, as mobile still provide plenty of challenges in a world where customers are using multiple devices for research before finally converting on one of them, while cross-device conversion still lags behind.

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